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The Clearing Team
The Clearing Team

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Welcome. We wonder if you’re here because you’re seeking relief? Whatever your pain feels like, we believe you. We know others may not always understand how much it actually hurts and how strongly you’d prefer to feel happier. 

The long search for a different kind of pain relief 

You’ve probably tried many different things to find relief, and are wondering if the pain will ever decrease. You might be sick of “just pushing through” or of trying to pretend it doesn’t hurt, just to get on with your day. And have you ever felt worn trying to describe what you’re going through or trying to convince your doctor that “you’re not just looking for more pills”? 

Others in pain have told us they’re exhausted, and sick of a healthcare system that doesn’t always serve them. They need someone to really listen. Someone who hears where they’re at and won’t walk away. Someone they can trust who will actually help. 

That’s exactly who we’re trying to be. Here at Clearing, most of us either suffer from chronic pain or have loved ones struggling with it, so we’ve seen (and sometimes felt firsthand) what it can be like. We know the process of finding pain relief could be a lot better. So we started Clearing to offer a different, more personal kind of care.

How Clearing treats your chronic pain

First, Clearing connects you with doctors who are extensively trained in pain management. More than 50 million Americans deal with chronic pain, and yet only 7,000 pain specialists exist in the U.S., mostly clustered on the coasts. 

To meet you where you’re at, Clearing has assembled pain management specialists and a set of services and products personalized for your needs, delivered right to your mailbox and your computer or phone. 

Our approach combines online telehealth with a customized exercise program, personalized, prescription topical creams you can’t get over-the-counter, targeted nutraceuticals, CBD cream, health coaching and access to licensed medical professionals, depending on your individual program. We listen to what you’re going through and find opioid-free ways to help your pain subside.

To offer even more support, we’re building a patient community, are growing our network of specialists and regularly publish specialized tips and articles on our content hub. Since pain is personal and can affect so much, we think solutions need to be personal. 

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Even on the most painful days, we’ll be right beside you

As we keep growing and learning, our approach will become even more interactive and personalized, so we can better support you. When our researchers discover something new, you’ll be the first to know. When your pain starts to lift, we’ll keep celebrating the strength and determination you demonstrate every day. Until your hurt becomes hope and hope turns into happiness.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your healthcare professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your individual needs and medical conditions.